About Us

Our Journey

Our colourful past began back in 1984, when a determined young man from Penang, Abdul Malik Abdullah, discovered his passion while working hard for others in several restaurants in and around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. His tenacity, coupled with support from his wife, Mumtaz Begum Mohd Sidek, would later lead him to be the Founder and Managing Director of D’Tandoor Group of Companies.


After a long and fruitful rite of passage into the F&B world, Abdul Malik went to Sydney, Australia in 1990, in search of better opportunities and fresh ideas. After completing a Diploma Course in Business Management, he returned to Malaysia in 1993 and opened the very first D’Tandoor Restaurant in Damansara Utama with friend and co-founder, Tan Hun Kim.


Since then, D’Tandoor has become a household name in Malaysia with seven outlets of our own and another seven franchised outlets. Today, after a long and challenging journey, we are proud to say that D’Tandoor is Malaysia’s first and biggest North Indian food franchisor.

Our Mission

We believe in giving our customers a place to celebrate life’s special moments by offering delicious food, impeccable service, and welcoming ambiance for all our customers. From an authentic experience of North Indian cuisine, to professional customised catering events, to franchising, and business coaching and management services.


Our team is guided by our values of delivering a friendly and professional experience that brings our customers’ visions to life and creates powerful memories.

Our Speciality

D’Tandoor Food Industries is the biggest North Indian Restaurant chain in Malaysia with 15 outlets all over the country and a strong online presence in several countries around the world. We have always kept our standards at peak when it comes to our food and our services, which has
made us a top contender in the F&B industry in Malaysia.

Professional Outdoor & Indoor Catering

To give you the best, our catering service also acts as an event company, in which we provide full-service catering for customised events. Our event team can handle every aspect of your party, including menu design, rental needs, location selection, valet services, lighting, event design and more. From intimate dinners or small parties all the way to grand weddings and gala events for thousands, we cater for all kinds of cuisine and we can customise the perfect menu for your special event.

Inflight Catering

Adhering to strict guidelines, we provide premium meals to meet the high-quality standards of our customers. Our food-production team execute recipes for the most prestigious airlines as well as low-cost companies who require a simplified on-board catering service. All this, while ensuring all of the dietary requests are fulfilled, be it religious, cultural, medical or health related.


Our experience with outlets around the world is proof that our products and systems are proven and well-supported. D’Tandoor Food Industries offers you the freedom of being a successful business owner with support from our training programmes, operation and marketing support team, comprehensive in-field and business training, and professional advice as you start and build your business.

Ready-To-Eat Meals (RTE)

Our Ready-to-Eat Meals are extremely convenient and perfect for busy people. Thanks to their quick reheating time and compact size, you can bring them to work as packed lunches or store them in the freezer for emergencies. Other than that, the meals are of exceptional quality, have a longer shelf-life and are also very, very tasty.

Ready-To-Cook Meals (RTC)

We aim to make home cooking fast, easy and fun, with our Ready-to-Cook Meals so that you can spend more time with family and friends. We do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to cooking – from creating recipes, sourcing high-quality ingredients, to preparing and pre-portioning the ingredients. All you have to do is tear open the pack and cook.

Our Key Personnel


Group Chairman

An MBA holder with more than 30 years of experience in the F&B sector, Datuk Abdul Malik Abdullah is a tested entrepreneur who has built the business from scratch. His strong business acumen has been instrumental in carving out the success of D’Tandoor Food Industries. As well as being chairman of the board, he is the company’s leading representative in presenting the company’s aims and policies.


Group Finance Director

Wife of Datuk Abdul Malik Abdullah, Datin Mumtaz Begum Mohd Sidek is known to be his ‘Rock of Gibraltar’, and an instrumental party in building the business. She is the Finance Director of the company with a Diploma in Business from Australia. Her sound financial planning skills, coupled with her ability to direct financial assets, has assisted our organisation in implementing effective financial strategies, managing debt, improving revenue, maintaining a healthy financial position, and enhancing investor confidence.


Group Head of Operations

A graduate engineer from Germany, Tan Hun Khim is the co-founder and Head of Operations of D’Tandoor Food Industries. He has more than 30 years experience in the F&B business, spearheading quality control and assurance while managing production operations. He plays a vital role in ensuring financial targets and other agreed-upon targets are met in all departments. He also reviews working practices to ascertain its effectiveness, and ensures safety regulations are followed. While ensuring the business operates within the company’s mission statement, he also works closely with department heads and senior management to get the best performance from staff to drive the business to profitable growth.


Group General Manager

As the GM of the company, Abdul Amir Abdul Malik Abdullah is also the son of Datuk Abdul Malik Abdullah. He graduated from Tun Abdul Razak University with First Class Honors, Bachelor of Business Management (Entrepreneurship) and pursued to Hochschule Bremen, City University of Applied Sciences, Germany for an International Programme at the School of International Business. An upand-coming entrepreneur, he is committed and persistent in pursuing his passion, and at the same time, he endeavours to empower communities and practice environmental sustainability for future generations. He plays a major role in repositioning the brand to appeal to today’s audience.

Why D’Tandoor?

Who We Are and What We Do?

Contemporary Catering is a unique, full-service catering and event production company that specializes in custom event creation. Our event team can handle every aspect of your party, including menu design, rental needs, location selection, valet services, lighting and event design.

Our progressive and perfectionist attitude sets us apart from other companies and is what gives each event a signature style. We are the best at what we do and we know its our goal to satisfy all our customer’s needs.


Fabulous Food and Fantastic Presentations

Rest assured, your food will taste as fabulous as it looks. From preparation to presentation, we take pride in providing unique hors d’oeuvres, buffets and complete formal sit-down meals that are not only delicious to the mouth, but also to the eye because we are an established 30-year old veteran company as planners and in the catering industry, our resources and capabilities are endless. If we are simply providing food for an office event, or producing a wedding or fundraiser, you can count on us for amazing food and professional service.

First-Class Service and Resources

Our client service, attention to detail and on your preferences from our food to our wait staff, location sites, floral design and other event planning services. We have strong working relationships with the best vendors and they know that to keep our business, they must consistently deliver exceptional products and services. We always deal with numerous reputable companies on your behalf to make sure you are getting the best price, product and service.

Best Northern Indian Restaurant in Malaysia

Our establishment has been acknowledged on numerous occasions as one of the best Northern Indian eateries in the country. You have our assurance that we deliver value for money services. Our wealth of experience ensures that your dining experience will be a memorable one. Either you choose dining in one of our exquisite restaurants or cater through us, you are in for a real gastronomic experience.

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